1968-06-23 Carousel Ballroom, San Francisco

1968-06-23 Big Brother & the Holding Company

Tracks (6)

01 Combination Of The Two (Sam Andrew) info icon
02 I Need A Man To Love (Janis Joplin, Sam Andrew) info icon
03 Flower In The Sun (Sam Andrew) info icon
04 Light Is Faster Than Sound (Peter Albin) info icon
05 Summertime (DuBose Heyward, George Gershwin) info icon
06 Mr. Natural (Sam Andrew) info icon


Live Bootleg

Source: Lossless Legs
File Name: Janis Joplin and Big Brother - Carousel Ballroom, San Francisco CA (June 23,1968) 609fac613af52ce87ee22d9da30a16390e5f0dc2
Torrent: Janis Joplin and Big Brother - Carousel Ballroom, San Francisco CA (June 23,1968)
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Big Brother & The Holding Co.
Carousel Ballroom
S.F., Ca.
SBD Recording


1 Combination Of The Two
2 I Need A Man To Love
3 Flower In The Sun
4 Light Is Faster Than Sound
5 Summertime
6 Mr Natural (cut)

SBD>Trade CDR>Winamp>FLAC

There was a version seeded at dime in 2005 that came with the following:

Source: TDK AUDUA 3600M 10 1/2" reel at 3.75 ips (Revox A700 1/2 track heads)

Transfer: Macintosh with DigiDesign AudioMedia III card > Pro Tools > AIFF > xACT > FLAC [level 8] Sector boundaries verified with xACT.

Notes: No editing or equalization. Upgrade over previous version seeded. Better mix with louder
vocals. No clicks in the background. The missing channel at the beginning of the tape was patched from the other channel with Pro Tools.

larry28409 wrote:
check out what Bear says about this show on his website....i'm a lil' excited here....so many thanks to this community for putting out all this amazing music

Here's what's said about that from Hunger City. Who knows what this date really is? Perhaps someone could shed some light on it.

---Qoute from Lestatkatt---HC
Back around 2003 I was in contact with Bear (Owsley) via his website and I inquired about this recording. He mentions it was going to be released officially here:

I mentioned there was a bootleg circulating and he asked me to mail him a CD of the show to see if it was the same recording. It wasn't. I don't know exactly what the real date is for this recording here, but it's been circulating as 6/23/68 for years. Hopefully it'll be released officially someday, when the record company is ready to pay the proper amount for access to the master tapes. *This is still another great Big Brother recording, and since there's not many available, I still treasure every one I come across. I thought this should be mentioned. Don't let this deter anyone for grabbing this recording! - Mike