1968-11-01 Electric Factory, Philadelphia

1968-11-01 Big Brother & the Holding Company

Tracks (5)

01 Summertime (DuBose Heyward, George Gershwin) info icon
02 Farewell Song (Sam Andrew) info icon
03 Time To Go (Albin/Andrew/Getz/Gurley/Joplin) info icon
04 Mr. Natural (Sam Andrew) info icon
05 Ball and Chain (Willie Mae Thornton) info icon


Live Bootleg

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1968-11-01 Electric Factory, Philadelphia

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Description Big Brother And The Holding Company(Janis Joplin)
Electric Factory, Philadelphia


audience recording

01 Summertime
02 Farewell song
03 Time to go
04 Mr. Natural
05 Ball and chain

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