1968-11-11 Ridge Arena, Braintree, MA

1968-11-11 Big Brother & the Holding Company

Tracks (8)

01 Piece Of My Heart (Jerry Ragovoy, Bert Berns) info icon
02 Time To Go (Albin/Andrew/Getz/Gurley/Joplin) info icon
w/ Paul Butterfield
03 Tight F-major Rhythm & Blues Rumble info icon
w/ Paul Butterfield
04 Farewell Song (Sam Andrew) info icon
05 Combination Of The Two (Sam Andrew) info icon
06 Coo Coo (Peter Albin) info icon
07 Mr. Natural (Sam Andrew) info icon
Mr. Natural Goes to Town
08 Ball and Chain (Willie Mae Thornton) info icon


Live Bootleg

1968-11-11 Ridge Arena, Braintree, MA
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Torrent #213648 Big Brother And The Holding Company (Janis Joplin) 1968/11/11 Braintree
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Big Brother and the Holding Company
Ridge Arena, Braintree Mass.

Good Mono Audience Tape

3rd Gen Maxell tape @7 ½ ips (Technics 1506) to Tascam Prof CD Recorder

EAC > Wav > Flac

01.Piece of My Heart
02.Time to go w/ Paul Butterfield
03.unknown song w/ Paul Butterfield
04.Farewell song
05.Combination of the Two
06.The Coo Coo
07.Mr. Natural Goes to Town
08.Ball and Chain

This is the better sounding version that circulates. I got it a couple of years back from another site so thanks to the original uploader and taper.

This is one of the best Farewell Songs I've heard, the audience reacts according ;)

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Total duration: 47:02
Goog to very good smokin' audience tape.
Often miscredited as 7 Nov 1968.