Live Fast Die Young (CD)

1967 Big Brother & the Holding Company

Tracks (8)

01 Farewell Song (Sam Andrew) info icon
San Francisco
02 Down On Me (Eddy Head, arr. Janis Joplin) info icon
San Francisco
03 Bye, Bye Baby (R. Powell St. John, Jr.) info icon
Los Angeles
04 Light Is Faster Than Sound (Peter Albin) info icon
Los Angeles
05 Women Is Losers (Janis Joplin) info icon
San Francisco
06 All Is Loneliness (Louis Hardin) info icon
San Francisco
07 Call On Me (Sam Andrew) info icon
San Francisco
08 Ball and Chain (Willie Mae Thornton) info icon
San Francisco


Live Bootleg
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Original folder name: Janis Joplin Live Fast Die Young CD Version
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Big Brother & The Holding Company feat. Janis Joplin:

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Title: Live Fast Die Young
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Length: 44:33min

Live Fast Die Young
Live in San Francisco(*), CA, USA, and Los Angeles(**), CA, USA, 1967
01) Farewell Song(*)
02) Down On Me(*)
03) Bye Bye Baby(**)
04) Light Is Faster Than Sound(**)
05) Women Is Losers(*)
06) All Is Loneliness(*)
07) Call On Me(*)
08) Ball And Chain(*)
Length: 44:33min
Janis Joplin: Vocals
Sam Houston Andrew III: Guitar
James Gurley: Guitar
Peter S. Albin: Bass
David Getz: Drums

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bbd06e57db3096588ce7fe3c8295ed6c *janis1967d1t07.flac
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