Mr. Natural

(Sam Andrew)

Wake up in the morning and I look out at the sun
And I think I better go out a while and I get out on the run
Then I say , my boy, you gotta slow down and have yourself some fun
So I lay around and I smoke awhile and I never get nuthiní done

I donít care, my needs are few; what in the world am I gonna do?
With a million dollars from I donít know who; when in the world will I get through

With living in such great expectation;
With loving, some call it infatuation

I go outside and I walk awile singing in the street
I blow a kiss and I give a smile to everyone I meet
I buy myself a beer or two just to leave my stone behind
Sometimes I get so drunk I can sing just like a chime
Whew-ooooh, -ooooh, -ooooh, -ooooh, -ooooh,
Whew-ooooh, -ooooh, -ooooh, -ooooh, -ooooh

I get drunk and I laugh a lot and thereís somewhere that I hear
My brain gets loose, my stove gets hot; the music hits my ears
I hear the music. Lord, it sounds so sweet!
Musicís sound, and I donít mind if I dance a step or two
I do a twitch unwind my spine; I set my eyes on you
I watch you move, you move so fine, so fine I never knew
Making love while dancing is an easy thing to do

Yes itís easy (It ainít hard)
Yes, yes itís easy (It ainít hard)
Uh-huh, itís easy (Oooh, woooow, wooooow, no)
Um-hum itís easy (Címon)

* lines in brackets are Janisí vocals