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  1. Try Just A Little Bit Harder (Cavett Show).mpg
    Cavett TV Show, KBB
  2. Janis_Joplin_-_Summertime(sm).mpg
  3. Janis Joplin 1.mov
  4. Janis Joplin 2.mov
  5. Janis Joplin - Maybe - Ed Sullivan Show (1969).mpg
  6. Janis Joplin - Tell Mama [Live] (AJ-VCD).mpg
  7. Janis_Joplin_-_Piece_Of_My_Heart(sm).mpg
  8. Janis_Joplin_-_Summertime(sm).mpg
    Woodstock 1969
  10. Janis Joplin - Move Over (1970).mpg
    TV Show 1970
  11. Janis Joplin - Raise Your Hand (Ed Sullivan).mpg
    TV, Ed Sullivan 1969
  12. Maybe - Ed Sullivan Show (1969).mpg
    TV, Ed Sullivan 1969
  13. Kozmic Blues.mpg
  14. Monterey Pop Festival - Ball and Chain.avi
    Monterey Pop Festival 1967
  15. Work Me Lord (Woodstock 1969).mpg
    Woodstock 1969
  16. Work Me Lord (SSTV).mpg
  17. Try (live in toronto 1970).avi
    Toronto 1970
  18. Ball & Chain.avi
  19. Ball And Chain (Monterey Pop 1967).mpg
    Monterey Pop Festival 1967
  20. Janis Joplin - Cry Baby (Toronto 1970).avi
    Toronto 1970
  21. Janis Joplin - Janis (part 3 of 3) SVCD.mpg
  22. [DVD]Janis Joplin - Big Brother & H.C..mpg
  23. Janis (Part 2 of 3).mpg
  24. Janis (Part 1 of 3).mpg
  25. Janis
    Source: eMule
    Original archive name: Janis.Joplin.Janis.1974.DVD5.rar

    The Way She Was Janis A Film VHS

    The Way She Was Janis A Film US VHS - US UNI/MCA 80080
    US UNI/MCA 80080
    The Way She Was Janis A Film French VHS - FR Universal 22 1661
    FR Universal 22 1661

    The Way She Was Janis A Film US VHS - US UNI/MCA 80080
    The Way She Was Janis A Film French VHS - FR Universal 22 1661

    Title: The Way She Was Janis A Film
    Publisher: US UNI/MCA
    Reference: 80080
    ISBN: 1-55880-292-4
    UPC: 096898-00803-7
    Release Date: Released 19 March 1991
    Features: Mercedes Benz official release; Ball and Chain 25 April 1967 KQED Studios; Ball and Chain 18 June 1967, Monterey evening show; Interview Stockholm 11 April 1969; Tell Mama Calgary 04 July 1970; Kozmic Blues Toronto 28 June 1970; Interview London 21 April 1969; Cry Baby Toronto 28 June 1970; Try (Just a Little Bit Harder) Calgary 04 July 1970; Move over Dick Cavett Show ABC-TV NYC 25 June 1970; Port Arthur Reunion KJAC TV 13 August 1970; Going to Brownsville CBS 28 March 1968; Summertime (take 1) CBS 28 March 1968; Summertime Frankfurt 12 April 1969; Interview London 21 April 1969; Can't Turn You Loose Woodstock 17 July 969; Interview London 21 April 1969; Me Frankfurt 12 April 1969; Interview London 21 April 1969; Ball and Chain Frankfurt 12 April 1969; Piece of My Heart Frankfurt 12 April 1969; Me and Bobby McGee official release

    Produced by Crawley Films, executive producer F.R. Crawley
    Directed and edited by Howard Alk and Seaton Findlay
    Production coordinator Paul Harris
    Creative and special assistance Albert Grossman
    Research Assistance Elliot Mazer
    © 1974 by Universal Pictures
    French Editions: Universal 22 1661 (SECAM), UPC 3-333972-216610, released 1992
    Universal Budget 19071343, UPC 3-259190-713437, released 10 July 2002
  26. 1969_04-01_Piece_of_my_heart.mp4
    Swedish TV, Stockholm 1969 04-01
  27. 1969-04-19_1_Piece_of_My_Heart_(Live_in_Stockholm_1969).flv
    Source: youtube.YouTube_-_Janis_Joplin-_Piece_of_My_Heart_(Live_in_Stockholm_1969).flv
    Live in Stockholm TV 1969-04-19
    12.351.829 bytes
  28. 1969-04-19_2_Summertime_(Live_Gröna_Lund_1969).flv
    Source: youtubeyoutube.YouTube_-_Janis_Joplin_-_Summertime_(Live_Gröna_Lund_1969).flv
    Live in Stockholm TV 1969-04-19
    16.273.444 bytes
  29. 1969-04-19_4_Raise_Your_Hand,_01.04.69_on_Swedish_Tv.flv
    Source: youtubeyoutube.YouTube_-_Janis_Joplin_-_Raise_Your_Hand,_01.04.69_on_Swedish_Tv._RIP_40_year.flv
    Live in Stockholm TV 1969-04-19
    6.383.588 bytes
  30. 1969-04-19_5_Work_me_Lord_(live_Sweden_'69).flv
    Source: youtubeyoutube.YouTube_-_Janis_Joplin_-_Work_me_Lord_(live_Sweden_'69).flv
    Live in Stockholm TV 1969-04-19
    55.372.171 bytes
  31. Janis Joplin Frankfurt 1969
    Source: eMule
    Original archive name: Janis.Joplin.In.Frankfurt.1969.DVD5.rar
    Original folder names:
    Janis Joplin In Frankfurt 1969-04-12 NTSC DVD

    Janis Joplin Live In Frankfurt 1969-04-12 German Documentary
    with astounding video footage! NTSC DVD

    This documentary consists of remembrances, a London interview
    overdubbed in German, plus some right-in-your-face color film
    footage from the Frankfurt Festhalle in great quality.

    1. Mercedes Benz (Joplin/McClure) 0:54
    1 Oct 1970
    Not complete

    2. German Interview (unknown)
    12 Apr 1969

    3. _Interview_ (unknown)
    21 Apr 1969

    4. Raise Your Hand (Floyd/Isbell/Cropper) 5:00
    12 Apr 1969

    5. Try (Just A Little Bit Harder) (Ragovoy/Taylor)
    12 Apr 1969

    6. Me (Flowers) 1:58
    12 Apr 1969
    [incomplete, missing end]

    7. _Interview_ (unknown) 0:35
    21 Apr 1969

    8. Maybe (Barrett) 3:47
    12 Apr 1969

    9. Summertime (Gershwin/Heyward/Gershwin) 2:44
    12 Apr 1969
    [incomplete, missing end]

    10. _Interview_ (unknown) 0:35
    21 Apr 1969

    11. Ball And Chain (Thornton)
    12 Apr 1969
    [incomplete, missing start]

    12. Piece Of My Heart (Ragovoy/Berns) 9:22
    12 Apr 1969
    Janis Joplin
    Piece of My Heart 4:33
    End credits and interviews with Günther Kieser, Joy Fleming, Reinhard Hauff, Peter Wicke, Horst Lippmann 4:49
  32. The Kozmic Blues
    Source: eMule
    Original archive names:
    Janis Joplin (Kosmic Blues) DVD www.solodvdr.com.SDVDRGroupMusic Resto rar + cover.rar

    Track Listing: (DVD booklet track list is wrong)

    Live 1970 - Various Locations Canada
    Cry Baby - No More Cane - Throwing A Party - Tell Mama - Move Over - Kozmic Blues

    Generation Club NYC 1967 - Coming Home - Piece Of My Heart - Down On Me

    Cheap Thrills Sessions - Summertime

    Dick Cavett Show 1970 - Move Over - Get it while you can

    Monterey Pop - Combination Of Two - Ball & Chain

    Come Up The Years TV-Show 1969 - Down On Me - The Coo Coo

    TV show 1969 - Summertime - Summertime (inc rehearsal footage)

    Woodstock (Unreleased) - Work Me Lord

    MusicScene - Try

    Sweden TV 1969 - Raise your Hand - Summertime

    The footage from the "Generation Club" in New York and the "Cheap Thrills" studio sessions is from a film by Pennebaker Associates titled "Comin' Home". I bought a DVD bootleg of it off ebay for ~$20 - it was offered there as "Janis Joplin Master Tapes". I've also seen a copy of a laserdisc on ebay - it sold for ~$60. There's a breif audience shot in the "Generation Club" footage that shows Jimi Hendrix taping the Big Bro. performance on a reel to reel machine.
    short clip available here: http://www.phfilms.com/media/coming-clip1.mov&OBT_fname=coming-clip1.mov

    I was able to find the Stockholm and Frankfurt concerts on one DVD offered as "Janis Joplin European Tour" for ~$20 on ebay. The German broadcast lacks the interviews with Janis and John Cooke that I've seen on the rebroadcast version though.
  33. Janis Joplin - VH1 Legends 1996
    Source: www.thetradersden.org
    Original torrent name: Janis Joplin - VH1 Legends 1996.torrent
    Original folder names:
    Janis Joplin - VH1 Legends 1996
    Janis Joplin - VH1 Legends 1996.txt

    Janis Joplin
    VH1 Legends
    Graceful Duck Archive

    Cable > SuperBeta Hi-Fi > Edit SuperBeta Hi-Fi >
    Playback Sony EDV-9500 > Standalone Panasonic DMR-E50 (XP)>
    TMPGenc DVD Author 3
    No Artwork
    Chapters: 5
    NTSC / Stereo
    TRT: 45:16
    Audio codec: AC3
    Audio bitrate: 256 kb/s
    Video codec: MPEG2
    Video bitrate: 9026 kb/s
    Picture resolution: 704x480

    Narrator: Kris Kristofferson

    Very well done, with plenty of archival footage and
    still photos. Perhaps the finest touch comes from
    readings of Janis' personal letters to her family
    by her sister Laura Joplin.
  34. Big Brother and The Holding Company live with Janis Joplin
    Source: eMule
    Original archive name: Janis.Joplin.Big.Brother.and.the.Holding.Company.1966.DVD5.rar
    Original folder name: Janis.Joplin.Big.Brother.and.the.Holding.Company.1966.DVD5

    1. Down on Me / Come Up The Years TV-Show 1967
    2. Ball & Chain / Monterey 1967
    3. The Coo Coo / Come Up The Years TV-Show 1967
    4. Piece Of My Heart / Generation Club NYC 1967
    5. Hall Of The Mountain King / Come Up The Years TV-Show 1967
    6. Combination Of The Two / Monterey 1967
    7. Blow My Mind / Come Up The Years TV-Show 1967
    8. Light Is Faster Than Sound / Come Up The Years TV-Show 1967
    9. Summertime / Studio Rehearsal Footage

    April 25, 1967
    Come Up The Years, KQED TV, San Francisco, California.
    Big Brother and The Holding Company's rendition of the classic piece "Hall Of The Mountain King" by Edvard Hagerup Grieg.
  35. TV Come Up The Years 1967 - Down On Me.flv
    Source: YouTube
  36. Janis Joplin - Blick Hinter Die Legende.ts
    Source: www.dimeadozen.org
    Original torrent name: Janis_Blick_Legende.torrent
    Original folder names:
    Janis Joplin - Ein Blick hinter die Legende.txt

    Janis Joplin - Ein Blick hinter die Legende
    Documentary, Germany 2010


    Contributions by Joel Selvin, Laura Joplin, Powell St.John, Sam Andrew, Dave Getz, John B. Cooke and others.
    Moderation language, German or French selectable.

    arte HD broadcast, 27. June 2011; DVB-C transport stream saved initially with
    KNC One / DVB Viewer (record, delete Nalu filler {50,3%}) -> TSDoctor (clean, delete one audio stream) -> Smartcutter (final cut)

    ts container with 1 video and 2 audio streams; file is error-free according to TSDoctor.
    AVC Main@L4.0, 6372 Kbps (var), 50 fps, 1280x720, 16:9
    ac3, 48.0 KHz, stereo, 256 kbps (German)
    MPEG Layer 2, 48.0 KHz, stereo, 256 kbps (French)
    Janis Joplin - Blick Hinter Die Legende_media_info.txt

    ID : 1011 (0x3F3)
    Complete name : V:\Torrents\Janis_Blick_Legende\Janis Joplin - Blick Hinter Die Legende.ts
    Format : MPEG-TS
    File size : 2.63 GiB
    Duration : 52mn 1s
    Overall bit rate : 7 247 Kbps

    ID : 6210 (0x1842)
    Menu ID : 11120 (0x2B70)
    Format : AVC
    Format/Info : Advanced Video Codec
    Format profile : Main@L4.0
    Format settings, CABAC : Yes
    Format settings, ReFrames : 5 frames
    Codec ID : 27
    Duration : 52mn 1s
    Bit rate mode : Variable
    Bit rate : 6 372 Kbps
    Maximum bit rate : 12.0 Mbps
    Width : 1 280 pixels
    Height : 720 pixels
    Display aspect ratio : 16:9
    Frame rate : 50.000 fps
    Color space : YUV
    Chroma subsampling : 4:2:0
    Bit depth : 8 bits
    Scan type : Progressive
    Bits/(Pixel*Frame) : 0.138
    Stream size : 2.32 GiB (88%)
    Color primaries : BT.709-5, BT.1361, IEC 61966-2-4, SMPTE RP177
    Transfer characteristics : BT.709-5, BT.1361
    Matrix coefficients : BT.709-5, BT.1361, IEC 61966-2-4 709, SMPTE RP177

    Audio #1
    ID : 6220 (0x184C)
    Menu ID : 11120 (0x2B70)
    Format : AC-3
    Format/Info : Audio Coding 3
    Mode extension : CM (complete main)
    Codec ID : 6
    Duration : 52mn 2s
    Bit rate mode : Constant
    Bit rate : 256 Kbps
    Channel(s) : 2 channels
    Channel positions : Front: L R
    Sampling rate : 48.0 KHz
    Bit depth : 16 bits
    Compression mode : Lossy
    Delay relative to video : -626ms
    Stream size : 95.3 MiB (4%)
    Language : German

    Audio #2
    ID : 6222 (0x184E)
    Menu ID : 11120 (0x2B70)
    Format : MPEG Audio
    Format version : Version 1
    Format profile : Layer 2
    Codec ID : 3
    Duration : 52mn 2s
    Bit rate mode : Constant
    Bit rate : 256 Kbps
    Channel(s) : 2 channels
    Sampling rate : 48.0 KHz
    Compression mode : Lossy
    Delay relative to video : -598ms
    Stream size : 95.3 MiB (4%)
    Language : French

    Dienstag, 19. Juli um 22.30 Uhr - 27/06/11

    Janis Joplin - Ein Blick hinter die Legende

    Dokumentation von Ray Müller, ZDF/ARTE, Deutschland/USA 2010, 52 Minuten.

    Ihre Karriere dauerte nur vier Jahre, und trotzdem wurde Janis Joplin zum ersten weiblichen Superstar der Rockmusik. Ihr früher Tod trug das Übrige zur Legendenbildung bei. Die Dokumentation zeigt den kurzen Lebensweg eines texanischen Provinzgirls, das über Nacht zur Hippie-Ikone und zum Star der Musikszene von San Francisco wird.

    Janis Joplin
    Montag 8. August 2011 um 11.25 Uhr
    Keine Wiederholungen
    (Deutschland, 2010, 52mn)

    Erstellt: 29-04-11
    Letzte Änderung: 27-06-11
  37. TV Come Up The Years 1967 - Ball and chain.flv
    Source: YouTube
  38. [Movies].La.Rosa.(The.Rose).(1979).(Basada.en.la.Vida.de.Janis.Joplin).(Bette.Midler).[DVDRip].[AC3].avi
    Source: eMule
    La Rosa (The Rose) [1979]

    The Rose
    Título La rosa
    Ficha técnica
    Dirección Mark Rydell
    Producción Anthony Ray
    Aaron Russo
    Marvin Worth
    Guion Michael Cimino
    Bo Goldman
    Música Paul A. Rothchild
    Fotografía Vilmos Zsigmond
    Reparto Bette Midler
    Alan Bates
    Frederic Forrest
    Harry Dean Stanton
    David Keith
    Barry Primus
    Datos y cifras
    País(es) Estados Unidos
    Año 1979
    Género Drama
    Duración 125 minutos

    La rosa es una película inspirada en la vida de la cantante de rock Janis Joplin. Extraordinaria interpretación de Bette Midler. Una banda sonora muy buena. El film fue nominado a cuatro Oscar, a la mejor actriz principal (Bette Midler), al mejor actor de reparto (Frederick Forrest), al mejor sonido, y al mejor montaje.


    Mary Rose (Bette Midler) es una cantante de rock que va de concierto en concierto. Su éxito aumenta de forma vertiginosa y ella cae en el consumo de alcohol y de drogas. Su salud se resiente de tal forma que en una de sus actuaciones ocurre lo inevitable.
    The Rose / La rosa (1979)

    Director: Mark Rydell
    Género: Drama
    Actores: Bette Midler, Alan Bates, Frederic Forrest
    Guión: Michael Cimino, Bo Goldman
    Música: Amanda McBroom, Paul A. Rothchild

    En esta interpretación nominada al Oscar, Bette Midler da vida a una estrella de rock cuyo exito se encuentra unido a los excesos de una vida de alcohol y drogas, que al final serán los detonantes de su declive.

    Atrapada en un infierno, Rose le pide a su manager que le deje tomarse un tiempo libre de la gira. Cuando él se niega, ella busca el consuelo y el amor en los brazos de un caradura, pero ni siquiera éste puede seguir el ritmo de su vida y excesos. Increíbles números musicales, incluyendo el éxito "The Rose" hacen de esta película un clásico de la música pop.

    A pesar de los intentos de su novio para que la artista supere ese infierno, la caída de Rose será inevitable.

    Basada en la vida de Janis Joplin. The Rose es un buen retrato de la soledad de una estrella, cuya vida carece de sentido y busca algo a qué aferrarse. Nótese la presencia en la música de Paul Rothchild, quien fuera productor de The Doors.
  39. Summertime_(Cheap_Thrills_Recording_Session).flv
    Summertime (Cheap Thrills Recording Session)
  40. Janis Joplin - Mercedes Benz [1971].mpg
    Video clip of Mercedes-Benz 2007 commercial
  41. BEAT CLUB # 50 -- Hardin and York, Chicago, Janis Joplin ( 12-31-1969 ).mp4
    Beat-Club, Steamhammer, Hardin & York, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich, Chicago Transit Authority, Janis Joplin, Terry Reid
    Beat-Club (Vol. 50)

    Track List
    1. Intro 2:15 Min.
    2. Steamhammer - Louisiana Blues 8:23 Min.
    3. Beat-Club Spezial: Magic Amsterdam 8:56 Min.
    4. Hardin & York - Tomorrow Today 4:54 Min.
    5. Hardin & York - The Pike 7:14 Min.
    6. Beat-Club Spezial: BRAVO 7:27 Min.
    7. Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich - Tonight Today 3:15 Min.
    8. Chicago Transit Authority - I'm A Man 6:55 Min.
    9. Janis Joplin - Try (Just A Little Bit Harder) 2:36 Min.
    10. Terry Reid - Superlungs My Supergirl 3:24 Min.
    11. Terry Reid - Rich Kid Blues 4:57 Min.
    12. Terry Reid - Highway 61 Revisited 3:06 Min.

    Beat-Club - Studio 3 (RB) - Bremen, 1969/12/31
    simfy live is now offering top-quality recordings of the legendary German TV show Beat-Club. These include rare live performances by bands including The Lords, Manfred Mann, Sonny & Cher, The Bee Gees and The Jimi Hendrix Experience.

    Aired monthly by Radio Bremen from 1965 to 1972, Beat-Club was the first music program in German television history. A full range of major international stars of the 1960s, such as Dave Dee, Dozy, Bicky, Mick & Tich, Cream and The Kinks, appeared on the program. The format of the show influenced German television history for a long time afterward. When color television became popular, Beat-Club was one of the first TV shows ever to experiment with visual, sometimes psychedelic, effects.

    An entire generation of young Germans learned to love music by watching Beat-Club - the show is a piece of television history. For most young people at the time, Beat-Club was their only opportunity to experience their favorite stars first-hand instead of just listening to their records. The legendary fashion creations of host Uschi Nerke and sketches by co-host Dave Lee Travis made Beat-Club the absolute cult favorite among music shows throughout German TV history.
  42. Cry_Baby_(HD_720p).flv
  43. Biography.Channel.Janis.Joplin.x264.AC3.MVGroup.Forum.mkv
    Show Name: Biography Channel Janis Joplin x; Episode Title: N/A; Season: 2; Episode: 64
  44. Monterey Pop Festival 1967 - Combination Of The Two.flv
    Monterey Pop Festival 1967

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